Aspenwood Ventures is the next generation of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners- carrying on the legacy of 30+ years of investing in early-stage software companies.

We Are Your Team


From our earliest funds to the commodity-driven cloud data centers of today, we have remained true to our software-only roots. Through our deep understanding of the technology landscape, we help drive companies to success by supporting entrepreneurs at the forefront of disruptive advances in the software industry.

Former engineers and programmers, our team has deep technology roots and a passion for building successful companies. Entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it’s like to raise capital, build sales teams, launch products, and run public companies - we’ve been where you are and taken companies where you want to go.

Meet Our Team

Almost 32 years ago John Hummer and I co-founded Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.  While I am proud of the firm I helped build, I am even more proud that the firm has now successfully transitioned to a new generation of leadership.  I’m confident that Lars Leckie and Steve Kishi , who both have helped build many our successful investments over the last decade, will go on to have even more success as they continue to fund new enterprise software companies and drive innovation in the software industry under the banner of Aspenwood Ventures.  While no longer an active investor, I remain a (only as needed) advisor committed to their future success.

- Ann Winblad

Lars and the Aspenwood team have been amazing partners helping us build and scale our business.

- Shawn Douglass

Steve and Lars were instrumental in being a sounding board and supporting the Jamm team. As a first time CEO, their engaged yet soft touch approach was incredibly helpful for me as we scaled the team and business.

- Badri Rajasekar

Aspenwood works harder for the success of our business than any other firm I know. It makes a huge difference when you are trying to manage a young and growing business to know they have your back.

- Tom Dibble

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We Believe That Innovators Shape History

We back companies that align with our philosophy of software development and a long-term commitment to building a world-class enterprise software company. Discover the other five attributes common to our portfolio companies.