Aspenwood Ventures is the next generation of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners- carrying on the legacy of 30+ years of investing in early-stage software companies.

Investors in Early-Stage Enterprise Software Companies

From first institutional capital through the long haul, we help forward thinkers realize their visions.

A thousand thanks to you,Lars Leckie, for all your help and support throughout NeuVector's journey. You challenged me to think outside the box, and were consistently upbeat and supportive, especially through the disruptive and uncertain time of the Pandemic. You always had my back! 

- Stephanie Fohn

Steve, Lars and the Aspenwood team were extraordinary partners as we built out the business. Their deep expertise, network and founder centric approach was invaluable to me as a first time entrepreneur in helping wrangle 0 to 1 early stage market dynamics.

- Badri Rajasekar

The AspenwoodVC Team brings a huge amount of SaaS experience to the table that helps Klue dominate our category.

- Jason Smith

Lars and the Aspenwood team have been amazing partners helping us build and scale our business.

- Shawn Douglass

Aspenwood works harder for the success of our business than any other firm I know. It makes a huge difference when you are trying to manage a young and growing business to know they have your back.

- Tom Dibble

Funding The Full Stack, From Infrastructure to Applications

We get behind founding teams that tackle hard problems and have a history of success. Our CEOs consistently attract talented people who want to work with them. The companies we back create paradigm-shifting, disruptive breakthroughs.


Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Hopin events are known for their full conference capabilities: stages, networking, breakout sessions (roundtables), sponsors, tickets, and analytics. It's all online—everyone can attend at no cost to the planet.


More than 15 million software developers rely on Sonatype to innovate faster while mitigating security risks inherent in open source. Sonatype’s Nexus Software Supply Chain Management platform combines in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance to automate and scale open source governance across every stage of the modern DevOps pipeline. 100% of the top credit card companies, 80% of the top financial companies and 75% of the top IT manufacturers are Sonatype customers. More than 376 billion components are downloaded annually from the Central Repository.


Aria Systems integrates a sophisticated billing engine with customer management and marketing tools in a single, on-demand application. Aria Systems accelerates revenue capture, automates business processes, and significantly reduces operating costs by actively managing each phase of the customer lifecycle.

Aria Systems handles complicated recurring and usage based subscription billing as well as traditional one-time transaction based billing in one common interface. The company works with top tier partners in SaaS, Online Gaming and Telecom markets.

Early and Active

We provide the first institutional capital to emerging software companies that are changing the technology landscape by orders of magnitude, where innovation is truly disruptive.

By working with a select few outstanding companies, we’re able to dig deep into the technology and stay committed for the long-term. We join your board and put our entire team and ecosystem behind helping you to create success.

Focused on Your Success

Our team consists of technology forward thinkers and engineers who have served in roles where they raised capital, struggled to meet payroll, managed through down cycles, and hired during hyper-growth. For us, helping others succeed is a personal commitment.